""Swiss" Horned Gramophone" .


This is a nice example of a basic small horned gramophone.

Not to be confused with the cheap fakes that are flooding the market with their brass horns and fake "Nipper" logos, these original machines were imported into the UK to satisfy the appetite for affordable gramophones in about 1910. They do not carry a makers name and are generally referred to a "Swiss" gramophones.

There is an attractive motif on the front panel and the machine plays well with a good quality sound-box. The speed regulator is also on the front panel. swiss. swiss.

This gramophone has an embossed steel horn in its original colours that has a screw-in elbow and might have been from a Pathe machine originally.


Price: £325.00

Horned gramophones are difficult to send by standard couriers, so this one must collected in person or I could deliver at a reasonable distance from TR8 5SE.

A specialist ourier would charge about £100

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