""Swiss" Horned Gramophone" .


I often have to do extensive work on basic horned gramophones that have become known as "Swiss Gramophones" or "Swissies". They were brought into the UK from Germany and Switzerland in about 1910 to help satisfy the growing demand for gramophones. Often they had no makers name and the cases were often poorly made. The cheap wood used for the cases were frequently quickly attacked by woodworm and now 100 years later the cases may have to be completely re-made but this case is plain and unmarked, but original.


This gramophone has an original embossed steel horn that has been repainted and a good quality sound-box. It plays very well.


Price: £275.00

Horned gramophones are difficult to send by standard couriers, so this one must collected in person or I could deliver at a reasonable distance from TR8 5SE.

A specialist ourier would charge about £100

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