""Mignonphone" Miniature Gramophone" .


For those interested in smaller gramophones, this is a chance to add a really rare example to a collection.

The Mignonphone was produced in France in the 1920s and appeared in slightly different designs over a short period. This is an early example in which the folding hexagonal fabric horn is connected to the Mignonphone soundbox by a rubber sleeve and right angled tube.( Later models had a more sophisticated shaped metal connector). The turntable is only 4.25" across and larger records are bolted down with a threaded circular disc.

When not in use all the component parts are stored away inside the small case which is 13" x 5" x 3" in size. A knurled knob on the front of the case acts as the on/off control and speed regulator

mignon. mignon. mignon.

Despite the rather "Heath Robinson" arrangement, the gramophone plays surprisingly well. The motor is of good quality and Swiss made. The overall condition is good, but with some signs of wear to the case and interior. The carry handle has been replaced.


Price: £410.oo

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