"Columbia Graphophone" .

Here is a most unusual and rare early phonograph made by Columbia in the early 1900s.

The term "Graphophone" was coined by the Columbia Company who could not use the name "Gramophone" which had been patented by the Gramophone Company (HMV). The name Graphophone was used for most of the gramophones and phonographs made by them until about 1931.


When I came across this phonograph I thought at first that someone had modified the horn support and had combined parts from a horned gramophone, however I later found nxamples of the arrangement on Columbia machines and believe that this may be the model "BQ".



The painted horn is not the original one which would have fitted via a screw thread in the elbow. It is, however, contemporary. The phonograph plays well and the reproducer is designed to play two minute cylinders.


Price: £450

This phonograph would have to be collected in person from TR8 5SE as I would be reluctant to use a standard courier for delivery. A specialist courier would charge between £80 and £100.

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