""Eclipse" Miniature Gramophone" .


I am always interested in small gramophones and customers will have seen several posted on my website over the past twenty years. However, this small gramophone is new to me. It must come within the group known as "Cameraphones" but carries the name "The Eclipse Gramophone" from the Eclipse Gramophone Company, 116 Putney Bridge Road, Putney.S.W.

I have tried to research the Company, but have had no success. In the 1920s Woolworth's produced a large number of 8" gramophone records wirh the name "Eclipse" and these sold for 6 pence each. Maybe there is a connection, although the style of lettering used is different.

The gramophone is similar to a "Peter Pan" machine with a spider folding turntable and uses a small aluminium horn like those found in Pixie Grippa gramophones.

I have restored the gramophone to working order and it plays, but one cannot expect the sound to compare with the reproduction possible in larger gramophones.

eclipse. eclipse.


Price: Not for sale at the moment, but any comments would be welcome

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