""The "Arbonphone" Portable Gramophone" .



Here is a very rare and interesting gramophone called the "Arbonphone".

A real collector's item, this gramophone uses a special "Phonos" device as the diaphragm and amplifier. This device is sometimes referred to as a "Diffuser" The needle attaches directly to the cone shaped clear plastic diaphragm and a spring arrangement adjusts the pressure onto the record surface.

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 When not in use, the diffuser stores in the lid and the turntable in the bottom of the case and is held there with a knurled bolt. To use the gramophone the turntable must be mounted onto the spindle and the diffuser into a post to the left.

. The quality of reproduction and volume is remarkable for this unique sound system. I have come across other devices somewhat like this, for example the "Lumiere" diaphragm used in a few HMV machines and also the "Do it yourself" card cone of the Guiniphone, but nothing with the effectiveness of the Phonos resonator.

I believe that Pathe produced as similar device and I have found reference to a somewhat similar gramophone made in Milan with a Phonos diffuser.

The gramophone is in very good condition and there can be very few of them left in circulation.

Price: £425.00

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