Gramophone Accessories

Here is a selection of accessories that were produced along with gramophones from 1900 until about 1940. Originally found inside gramophones bought at auction or privately, these items are getting very hard to find and are consequently much sought after. They are often useful but are also decorative and are an ideal addition to a collection.

 Needle Tins: tins This is only a sample selection. Prices from £6 each

Neat little wooden box for needles with covered section for used needles. box £15

Fibre needle sharpeners: These sharpeners are used for round "thorn" type needles which have a round cross-section and fit into sound-boxes as steel needles would. 

sharp sharpsharpsharp Illustrated are sharpeners by BCN at £35,  IM at £20, Columbia (boxed) at £40 and BCN ( boxed) at £40.

Bamboo "fibre" needles have a triangular cross-section and can be re-sharpened with a craft knife or patent cutter. here are two cutters:

cutter and A cutter in the form of scissors in good condition £30

Push-on mandrels for "Salon" phonograph One heavy weight, one lighter. £20 each

Gasket rubber for repairing sound-boxes. As a rule you will need two lengths of about 18cm (7") to do the job front and back. So 36 cm or 14 ".

gasket rubber £3 including postage

I have a number of recycled card record covers 10"and 12" available. Better for keeping your valued records safe. Five for £10 plus postage. These are interesting items in themselves as most of them carry names, adverts and designs from long-gone retail shops.

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