"Gramophone Company Model VII" .

I am frequently asked to identify horned gramophones that have been bought by customers. I usually give the general advice that if the machine has a "Nipper" logo and a brass horn is is almost certain to be a fake. Here, however, is a horned gramophone with a Nipper logo and a brass horn that is the real thing!


The gramophone was made in 1920 and is either a later model V or an early Model VII. The same cases were used for both models and this one has the plug-in type elbow connection and a triple spring motor. The case is mahogany and there is a "Dennison" type brake.

The original brass horn is a real rarity and has, at some point, been repaired with a skilfully made section at the small end fashioned in copper.

The gramophone is in very good condition. There is an original "Exhibition" sound-box and the motor winds and runs smoothly allowing the gramophone to play very well.


Price: £850.00

This gramophone would have to be collected in person from TR8 5SE. Back To For Sale