HMV Model 97 Portable.


The Model 97 was produced by HMV in the period 1930-1933 and was intended to be a cheap alternative to the Model 102 that was still in production.

The Model 102 was retailed at about 5 and this cheaper version at about 3. The HMV and Columbia Companies had amalgamated, at this time, to form EMI and this is one of the several models produced. Models often had features of the different previously competeing companies. For erxample this gramophone with the HMV label was very similar to the Columbia 211 and actually has a Columbia No.15a sound-box with an HMV cover-plate and called the No.21. hmv 97c. It is slightly smaller than the model 102.

The gramophone plays very well and is still a good alternative to the HMV 102 at a more modest price.

Price: £120.00

Delivery costs would be £35 with DPD and about £15 using "My Hermes".

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