Columbia Model 202 Portable Gramophone.

col 202.

Here is an example of the Columbia Model 202 portable gramophone.

Columbia gramophones do not seem to have the appeal of the equivalent HMV machines, but collectors and enthusiasts should consider them seriously when looking to buy. The Columbia Company started business in the US at about the same time as The Gramophone Company (HMV ) and made machines there and in the UK until the two companies amalgamated in 1931 to become EMI.

In the world of wind-up 78 players, Columbia gramophones are probably the best made and are, in many ways, superior to HMV models. They used top quality Swiss made Garrard motors and their sound-boxes are excellent and not subject to the pot-metal failings.

col 202. The Model 202 is from about 1930. It is in good condition, simple in operation and plays really well with a Columbia No.15A sound-box. It is really the Columbia equivalent of the HMV Model 102 from the same period. The record folder with the Columbia logo (usually missing) is present fitted into the lid. Columbia gramophones are very good value for money and are straightforward, reliable machines to start a collection or to just play 78s effectively.


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