HMV Model 104 Table Gramophone.


This is an example of the HMV table gramophone Model 104 from 1931 in a mahogany case.

The HMV 104 is one of he two best table gramophones that were made from 1931, the other being the model 130. This one has the smaller, single spring, motor. The gramophone plays very well and is ideal for a collector who needs a reliable machine that can be used frequently. It has an automatic brake, 10" turntable and No.5A sound-box. The sound-box is in good condition. Table models like this give better results than contemporary portables as the wooden cabinets improve the sound quality. The table models from the 1930s did not have doors at the front, so different levels of volume are achieved by using soft, medium or loud tone needles.

This mahogany example shows some marks on the case but the overall condition is good and the gold cloth behind th front grille is original The lid stay is the convenient "one-handed" version.

104. 104.

Price: £255.00

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