"The HMV Model 102 Portable Gramophone".

hmv 102.

The HMV 102 has become the most sought after portable gramophone in the last 5 years. It is reliable and can cope with a wide range of 78s, even the later discs from the 50s that are often too loud for early gramophones. The No.5A, 5B or No.16 sound-box gives really good reproduction and, with clean records, the quality of sound will surprise you for a purely mechanical way of producing music and speech.

HMV 102 portables are getting increasingly difficult to find in good condition and those that do turn up are currently fetching high prices. 

The gramophone in the picture is the model 102 from the 1930s and is in a green case. It has been fully restored to good working order but the condition of the case is only fair and there is some corrosion to the chrome plating. The gramophone has had considerable use over the past ninety years and still plays really well with a very good No.5B sound-box.



Next day delivery by "Interlink Express" is about £25. Using "My Hermes" the cost, would be £12

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