HMV Model 101 Portable Gramophone


Good quality vintage wind-up gramophones are getting hard to find and as more and more enthusiasts are discovering these early music machines the supply is dwindling. One of the most popular portables of the 1920s was the HMV model 101. It had a reliable motor and a very good No.4 sound-box, which although still made of mica, had a large diaphragm which gives very good sound quality. Indeed the quality of sound from a 101 can often be as good as that produced by the No.5 boxes used in the 1930 models like the HMV 102. 


101 The gramophone works well and has storage for a small selection of favourite records in the lid. This is a machine that is well worth thinking about, especially as a first gramophone for coping well with your collection of 78s.

The model in the picture is in a very collectable blue simulated crocodile skin case. It is in good condition with only some loss of plating on the catches. It plays very well and the No.4 sound-box is in good condition. It has a brass back-plate so is not subject to the pot-metal decay that later No.4 sound-boxes suffer from.

Price: £210.00

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